How to prep your vegetable garden for Spring 2019

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 It's that time of year when the cooler weather has begun to take its toll and your vege garden is probably looking a tad tired, worn out and in need of some love.  A couple of brocolli plants and some spinach is holding on for dear life but apart from that its not looking its best.

If you're anything like me you will be itching to give your garden a good spruce-up ready for spring.

Here are a few things to consider:

Spring clean
Just as you give your house a spring clean think about giving your garden a spring clean over the next month or two. From cleaning your garden tools to weeding and clearing old leaves and broken branches, a good tidy up will ensure your garden is in tip top shape ready for planting come August.

Give your soil some TLC
As well as sunshine and water the success of your vege garden comes down to one simple word - soil. Your soil will need some TLC towards the end of winter to get it rearing to go for spring. A nutrient boost is a must and compost is definitely your best bet. If you don't have your own compost (more about that in our next blog) then use a ready-made compost like our @livingearth compost mix. Your garden will love you for it! 

Planting from seed

There's nothing more satisfying than watching delicious veges grow from nothing (well, a seed!), especially if you are using seeds collected from old harvests. Spring is the perfect time to plant from seed so if you haven't tried it yet consider giving it a go!

What seeds can you collect from crops on their way out in your winter garden? Look for plants that are starting to flower - a sure sign that they have gone to seed. Or if it's too late, you can always buy a few packets of seeds for spring and then start saving seeds for the next season. When you see how easy it is (and how much money you can potentially save) you won't go back!

Plan ahead

I'm getting hungry thinking about all the goodness you can grow in spring! There are plenty of options to choose from but some popular veges for planting as the weather warms up are lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beetroot, celery, onions, peas, beans and potatoes. 

With so many options you may just need another garden bed, spring being the perfect time to expand your plot. Our raised garden boxes are a great way to make an easy addition to your garden, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, even as small as 50cm square. Plus, because they are made out of natural non-toxic macrocarpa you can enjoy 100% organic veges just like they were designed to be.

With a little planning and some tender love and care you will enjoy the bounty of your spring garden well into summer and beyond. Enjoy!

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