The Goodness of Compost

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My first thoughts are its gross.  It smells, its wet, its manky, its crawling.  Rotting food in a pile kinda does that!

All disgustingness aside, I have come to appreciate the benefits of compost.  Here are the best bits I have found.

1. Creating compost is an ideal way to reduce your household waste, and reduces your families environmental footprint.  We find that around 1/4 of our household daily waste is made up of food scraps!  Thats crazy!

2. Our yard is currently ankle deep in leaves. Post autumn shedding of our copious array of trees has meant we are constantly sweeping PILES, and I mean piles, of brown leaves.  What the heck to do with these?!  Compost I say!

3. Compost is an amazing fertiliser for your vegetable garden.   Adding it to your garden improves soil quality, enabling it to better retain air, nutrients and moisture and resulting in healthier, thriving plants.

So how do you create this garden gold?

To create your your own compost, just layer organic materials -- garden cuttings, dry leaves, kitchen vegetable and food scraps, shredded paper/newspaper, and some soil to create the ideal concoction that turns into humus, the best soil builder around.

You can buy one of our epic kitset compost bins here 

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