Gardening- Good for the soul!

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In this fast paced and convenience obsessed world where supermarkets stock every type of produce (in or out of season!) why should we spend our precious time growing our own vegetables and tending to a garden?

Ironically, the slow pace and gentle rhythm of gardening can be the perfect antidote to the daily stress of western life. Research has proven time and time again that gardening has a positive effect on our mental health*. Some would even say it's the cheapest form of therapy!

I know for myself I am a better person after a few hours in the garden. I have removed myself from the hustle and bustle to spend time outdoors and connect with nature, planting new life and encouraging growth by pulling out weeds and dealing with pests. My head is clearer and life is somehow simpler. My body may ache at the end of the day but I always sleep well that night and wake up the next morning with a sense of satisfaction. However, the real icing on the cake is using the vegetables I have grown to make a meal or share my bounty with neighbours and friends. Not only is gardening good for the soul but it creates community.

For many, and especially for those who live in the city, having a vegetable garden is often put in the too hard basket due to the assumed lack of time, space and skill. As a once daunted gardener with a small vege patch (still going strong after four years!), I can now testify that it wasn't the major undertaking I thought it would be.  Plug a few seeds into a finger-sized hole in the dirt, add some water and leave nature to do its thing. It couldn't be easier really!  Admittedly my vegetable garden isn't the tidiest, I'm busy with my kids, work, running a house, and although I would love to spend more time weeding and pruning, for now, this is what I can manage and its good enough. 

A raised garden bed is the perfect solution for those who need an easy option to get started and are short on space and reluctant to dig up their lawn. Urbanmac garden boxes are not only small and compact (from 1 metre x 1 metre) but are easy to put together with holes pre-drilled and even the screws are supplied! All that's then needed is some good quality soil and a few easy to grow veges like spinach and lettuce and you're on your way.

So why not give it a go? Spring is a few months away and the perfect time to get started. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it!

*For a great article on the mental health benefits of gardening click here.

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